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Video Production Services

CITVN editors can help you quickly and easily create, distribute, call, track and analyze Interactive Video Landing Pages, Newsletters, Brochures, and Survey communications.
 Interactive Talking Landing Page Design


  •   Training
  •   Documentary
  •   Sales Enablement

$25 per minute final cut 

    - unlimited editing prior to publication

Professionally scripted, voice over motion graphic video productions with interactive Call to Action.


Created with images, video, screenshots, PowerPoint slides, graphics, digital photos and open source music.


Narration can be filmed remotely with a HD webcam


Presentation can include a transcript for SEO, playlist, links to websites and resource materials.

Closed Captioning for Google Translation into 76 languages

We can incorporate surveys, forms, quizzes, short video clips, Q&A, chat, and other applications into your Gallery of presentations

CITVN is not just about audioor video … or PowerPoint


We integrate all of them, plus animations, advertising, JavaScript, applets, images, graphics, virtual handouts and calls to action into a rich interactive experience that’s unique.


CITVN presentations weave together, in a tightly synchronized fashion:


-  Video libraries that showcase your organization’s best experts and communicators


-  Fully animated PowerPoint slides and images, rendered in crisp detail that far exceeds what can be done in a video window


-  Just-in-time footnotes and virtual handouts that can direct the viewer to web pages, white papers, contact information, and technical documents


-  Calls to Action: Q&A, Appointment Scheduling (Outlook/Google calendar integration), Donation, Registration, Subscription, Survey; Social Network Intregration, CITVN Call Center Support and JOIN ME in Videoconference


CITVN presentations can be emailed, embedded on web pages and stored on your computer into a single file that you can take with you on a Flash drive, hard drive, CD, or DVD. You can track: who watched; when they watched; how long they watched; how deep they got; how much material they skipped; what reference links they clicked; what virtual handouts they downloaded; and where they’re from. 


CITVN is SCORM compliant and integrates easily with most Learning Management Systems (LMS). Lecture libraries integrated with marketing automation platforms (like Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua) offer to take your training, development and dissemination strategies to new levels of productivity and engagement. 

CITVN offers on-site videography, webinar event administration and HD streaming media services for live interactive global reach to an unlimited number of participants.


7 Reasons to Embed Video in Landing Pages, Newsletters and Brochures  

1.  Generate higher response rates than static emails. Video email campaigns generate 4-7X higher viewer response rates than static email marketing campaigns.


2.   Focus your marketing message and objective. Most websites serve too many agendas, and have too much information. Video brochures provide clear and engaging calls to action that lead to higher response and conversion rates.


3.   Provides more comprehensive tracking than static HTML emails. CITVN video newsletters and brochures track and report all viewer activities and actions by individual email address so you can follow up on the collected data.


4.  CITVN v-mails are viral - they can be forwarded to others. Create entertaining, engaging content that can easily be passed along by the recipient to others. With CITVN video newsletters and brochures, most viral activity data is reported by individual email address.


5.   A fast and effective way to conduct market research and gather customer feedback. CITVN video brochures can be used to quickly gather important feedback and response data for market research purposes with collection of actionable data by email address.


6.  A powerful new way to deliver and track employee communications. HR can quickly create and deploy video brochures without programming for employee updates, education and training. 


7.   Get a Better Return On Your Communications Investment. CITVN video newsletters, PPC Management and videoconference services are easy to deploy, low cost, engaging, measurable and generate much higher response rates than other marketing methods.

CITVN Travel Documentary Services

Click here to plan your vacation

will donate 10% of your purchase price
to our homeless community


 produce a documentary of your travels

Call us at 937-938-5784

Phone Hangout

YouTube Live & FaceBook Webcast Event Productions

Producer: $15.00 per hour   

projects range from 40-80 hours


  • Customized Landing Page & Email Templates
  • Simple Automated Event Registration and Follow-up (up to 100 registered participants)
  • Instant Participant Access Without Client Downloads
  • Pre-recorded Content Setup (video, PowerPoint)
  • Quizzes, Polls, Notes, Handouts
  • Recorded Meeting for Future Viewing
  • Professional Moderator
  • CITVN Inbound/Outbound Call Center Support
  • Unlimited Attendance
  • Worldwide Reach
  • Website & FaceBook Integration

Remote Administration - no travel costs

To discuss your project, please

Call us at 937-723-9419 

Google Sites Website Design - $100 set-up + $50 per page 

Adobe Prelude                 Photoshop                                   

Illustrator                          InDesign

Flash Professional           Dreamweaver

Edge Animation Tools      Adobe Premiere Pro                                

AdWords Specialist -  we help nonprofits acquire and manage $120K Google Grant for AdWords. 5,000 impressions per month guaranteed!  

$50 per month administration fee.

FluidSurvey / SurveyMonkey - Survey logic allows you to customize your survey for each respondent. You can create custom paths for respondents, or show specific information based on their answers to previous questions.

      $100 setup fee

      Over 25 question types

      Multilingual surveys – over 64 languages supported  

      Skip to specific pages or survey sections

      Dynamic Quotas

      Trigger branching conditions 

      Trigger emails

      Re-direct respondents to outside URL’s

      Skip to random pages 




      A/B Testing


Email Marketing: $100 per campaign - database setup; eMail & SMS template designs & marketing automation 


CITVN Call Center$15.00 per hour  

Lead Generation, Donations, Survey, Registration

Technical Support, Mail Order Fulfillment, 

Interview Screens, Customer Support

    Pay per month - no commitment

  •     No Setup or Administration Fees
  •      Koala Enterprise CRM & Call Center
    •     Blended Inbound/Outbound - unlimited calls 
    •     Integrated Web & Email Marketing 

To discuss your project, please

Call us at 937-723-9419 

To discuss your project, please

Call us at 937-723-9419