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CITVN works with universities to illustrate, distribute and preserve Keynote academic lectures. 

Submission Guidelines

Lecture categories include:

  • Architecture 
  • Arts & Letters 
  • Business & Economics 
  • Education 
  • Global Affairs 
  • Health Care Systems 
  • Law & Society 
  • Peace & Justice 
  • Religion & Ethics 
  • Science & Engineering 
  • Travelogue
 Though not limited in topic, we especially appreciate lectures focused through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching, ethics and ecumenical dialog:
  • Life and Dignity of the Human Person
  • Call to Family, Community, and Participation
  • Rights and Responsibilities and Subsidiarity
  • Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  • The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
  • Solidarity
  • Care for God’s Creation
 CITVN fully supports USCCB Social Media Policy and the teaching of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. All academic lectures and social videos published on CITVN must carry the disclaimer: This presentation represents the views of the Lecturer and does not represent the views of any institution. Lecturers and social video producers must clearly identify views that are contrary to the teaching of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. We offer no editorial guidance … we are homeless men and women … not subject matter experts.
1. Sign up for CITVN membership at LinkedIn – it’s free
2. Read CITVN Terms of Service
3. Write a transcript – lectures may be up to one hour in length ... will provide Closed Captioning for YouTube translation of your lecture into 76 languages. For more accurate translations, we can provide your volunteers with online access to our easy to use DotSub captioning software.
4. Draft questions for forum discussion (optional)
5. Identify links to your web page and resources you think teachers and students will value
6. Record a dramatic reading of your transcript with a HD webcam or cell phone or camera (your words and Closed Captioning transcript must match)  - up to 1 hour in length
7. Send us your video file + transcript + digital graphics, PPT, digital pictures, resource links, CITVN Forum questions.  Click:  WE TRANSFER ... there is a 2MB limit per upload. For larger files, call me at  937-938-5884

8. Send us the link for your signup form or event registration page or donation engine, etc., if you want us to include an interactive Call-To-Action in your presentation.
We can design complex surveys for you.
9. We will construct – sentence-by-sentence – animated
PowerPoint slide illustrations and send them to you for editorial guidance. CIVTN presentations may include digital content not restricted by Educational Fair Use for Educators guidelines.

10. Once PPT is approved, we will construct your Talking Landing Page with a playlist (chapters or lecture series), sync-video-to-PPT and lay a quiet royalty-free music track

11. Next, we will send your talking landing page draft for editorial guidance – unlimited editing.

12. We will provide you with our Creative Commons license for sharing your content with the CITVN subscriber network.

13. Once approved, we will host and distribute your presentation to over 166 thousand Catholic college professors, K12 teachers, religious, hospital administrators, nonprofit executives and LinkedIn thought leaders located in 122 countries.

14. You can embed the presentation on your website or link to email or download to your hard drive for access independent of the internet

15. Ask your university to help us underwrite your interactive video production.  
      Average feature length       =  60 minutes, Chapters, Footnotes, CC Translation, interactive Call-To-Action
      Average production time    =  120 hours
      Average production cost     =  $ 1600

Underwriters commit to annual support. They receive interactive ads in perpetuity on all CITVN productions produced during the year.  CITVN documentaries are distributed for free to 46,651 Catholic thought leaders and over 140,000 Global Ethics Network professionals.  CITVN newsletter has an 11% open rate with 14,520 video hours consumed each month. CITVN reaches almost every parish, university, K12 school, religious order and Catholic nonprofit organization in the nation.           

      Interactive banner      =  $ 100 
      20-sec pre-roll video   =  $ 1000 

100% of proceeds funds a Catholic Worker co-op owned and operated by homeless and disabled citizens in recovery from addictions.
Call us to discuss your project at 937-938-5784

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