Home Healthcare Co-op

Our Co-op Members are independent direct-care workers. We each have over 15 years experience in providing companionship and quality home healthcare services.  Every client's needs are unique .... and we do our best to help you have a happy life. Our clients are our friends. 

We started the Home Healthcare Workers Co-op because we are committed to our profession ... are good at what we do ... and agencies were not compensating us fairly for our labors. 

1.79 million Americans provide home healthcare services. More than 90% of the workers are women, and roughly one-third are black. 

The vast majority of home healthcare workers are employed at "staffing agencies." In Ohio, the staffing agency average wage is $9 per hour.  Workers are not reimbursed for travel.  Workers do not receive overtime pay.  Many aides (40%) rely upon Medicaid and food stamps. 

Staffing agencies can be started from home with no more than a computer and telephone. Top franchises gross over $1 million or more, with gross margins at 30% to 40%. Yet, the industry spends millions lobbying to fight against minimum wage proposals.  

Nobody should work as hard as we do and not earn a Living Wage.  

We bill at standard Medicaid and insurance rates ... but do not have a middle man taking the lion's share. 

Our pride in owning our own business is reflected in the quality of care we provide to people with disabilities and senior citizens who want to live in community settings and age in place in their familiar surroundings with dignity.

We invest our lives in quality care for your family ... we kindly ask for you to support our families too.   


Contact us to arrange a home visit at: 

office 937-938-5784 

Home Healthcare Providers - join the cooperative 

Dayton Catholic Worker coaches disabled veterans, SSA Disability dependent and inner-city entrepreneurs in the start-up of their own business.  We teach the Catholic spirituality and dignity of work.

Starting a home-based business can be a great opportunity for people with disabilities to flexibly structure their own time and increase their income, while avoiding transportation barriers.  Funding sources include: SSA Ticket-to-Work and the SBA Express Loan Program for Veterans

A co-op is a great way for poor inner-city neighborhoods to get those closed main street storefronts filled with attractive small businesses.   

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Accounting for Social Value

When organizations use social accounting practices, they are able to measure their performance in terms of benefits accrued to key stakeholders such as their communities, human resources, and those investing in the organization. This innovative change in accounting can lead to a fundamentally different perspective on the value of an organization.  Accounting for Social Value offers academics, accountants, policy-developers, and members of non-profit, co-operative, and for-profit organizations tools and insights to explore the connections between economic, social, and environmental dimensions. 

To find out if co-op self-employment is a good option for you,  give us a call at 937-938-5784.

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