Bookkeeping Services

Small Business Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

WAVE ACCOUNTING:  take cell phone pics of your receipts and let us do the bookkeeping work for you!

Bookkeeping              $0.50/transaction
Bank Reconciliation   $0.50/transaction
Payroll                       $15/month + $4/employee 
Tax Services              See "Tax Services"  
Spreadsheet Analysis   $100/report
Wave Setup Fee           Free
WAVE is designed for sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations and nonprofits with 9 employees/owners or less

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QuickBooks Bookkeeping Fees

Basic Bookkeeping: We define this as transaction allocation and monthly bank 
reconciliations. It also includes requests for reports and customer service. 

Invoicing and Billing: clients can use our free Smart Vault app to send over any documents
they need turned into bills or invoices QuickBooks and we will do so.

Payroll Processing: via Intuit/QuickBooks full service payroll we can offer clients payroll 
services at a whole sale price (must be a bookkeeping client to receive payroll services)

Tax Filing: We will file clients state and federal taxes for them (to include payroll, quarterly 
estimated income and sales taxes)  See: Tax Services for pricing

Custom Services: Anything outside of these services yet still related to their accounting 
needs. i.e. A/R collection, merchant service reconciling, creating special reports, anything  
the customer needs.


 Our fee structure is a flat monthly fee based on the number of transactions (a month) and bank 

 0-100 transaction will be $120 month

 100-150 transactions will be $150 month

 151-175 transactions will be $160 month

 176-200 transactions will be $170 month

 And so on this will keep it simple.

Payroll Pricing:  $65/month plus $2 per employee 

Billing and invoicing

We offer these in two bundle size 10 and 25

10 Bills a month will cost $24.99            25 bills a month will cost $69

10 invoices a month will cost $11.99     25 invoices a month will cost $29.99

You can add these two packages together to get to best fit .

Over 35 years experience providing financial services to small business owners

Our co-op members invest in our neighborhood 

  - sobor houses for homeless people in recovery from addictions 

  - home healthcare co-op  

  - coach disabled veterans and SSA Disability dependent entrepreneurs in the startup of their own small business 
  • Business Skills Training
  • Business Plan
  • Incorporation
  • Financing 
  • Accounting Systems 
  • Marketing Systems
  • Call Center Sales Support 

Advertising Agency,  EBay Store,  Uber Partner,  Contractors,  Videographer,  Consultant,  Nonprofit,  Cleaning Services,  Food Kiosk,  Trucking, Child Care,  Home Health Care Agency,   Web Design,  Pottery,  Bakery, Landscaping,  Computer Repair,  Carpet Cleaning,  Pet Grooming, Crafts, High Tech,  Fine Artist, Bicycle Repair, Thrift Store, Food Truck,  Grant Writing,  Photographer,  Direct Marketing Agency,  Lawn Care,  YouTube Live Webcast Producer,  Painter,  Graphic Designer,  Restaurant,  Musician,  Travel Agent, Voice-Over Artist, Chocolatier,  Dog Walker,  Freelance Writer, Animal Breeder,  Woodworker,  Violin Maker, Coffee House, Furniture Restoration,  Catering,  Specialty Soaps,  AdWords Specialist,  Telemarketing Agency, Retail Storefront

Starting a home-based business can be a great opportunity for people with disabilities to flexibly structure their own time and increase their income, while avoiding transportation barriers.  

Funding sources include: SSA Ticket-to-Work and the SBA Express Loan Program for Veterans

To find out if self-employment is a good option for you,  give us a call at 937-938-5784