About Us

CITVN is produced by a Catholic Worker Movement community of homeless men and women in recovery from addictions. Our community was founded upon a belief in the necessity of personal conversion, a transforming spiritual experience, confession, restitution and service to others. Marianist priests and brothers are our spiritual advisors and friends. Our community was the outcome of a JustFaith Ministries formation process.


CITVN is organized as an Ohio social cooperative business. CITVN is intentionally not 501(C)3 tax-exempt. Co-op members work for room and board … living with less so that other homeless addicts may live. The Works of Mercy are an abiding norm for the Catholic Worker Movement.  We decline government and institutional funding … because we protest war and all forms of violence, promote the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and we pray.  


We advocate Personalisma philosophy which regards the freedom and dignity of each person as the basis, focus and goal of all metaphysics and morals. In following such wisdom, we move away from a self-centered individualism toward the good of the other. This is to be done by taking personal responsibility for changing conditions, rather than looking to the state or other institutions to provide impersonal "charity." We pray for a Church renewed by this philosophy and for a time when all those who feel excluded from participation are welcomed with love


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